Red Umbrella Inn - 4 hrs Rental

How to complete your booking?

#1 Please look at the Calendar bellow

  • Please find a desired date & time for your rental.
  • Please make sure that a time slot chosen is available.

#2 Click ADD TO CARD 

(Make sure to Select a correct number of riders - QTY)


When filling up your order - please type in a desired date & time in the field provided.

#3 Follow the steps to Checkout

Enter Your Contact & Billing information.

Please make sure to enter a valid e-mail address! 


We will send you a confirmation e-mail when Booking will be confirmed.


Please view a CALENDAR to find an available time slot: 


Please view our Promo video:


If you have any questions, you can contact us:

  • Through our Online Contact form
  • By calling Mad | Cat Ebikes & Tours +1 (705) 230-3630
  • By calling Red Umbrella Inn +1-800-461-0316


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