Upgraded Spare Lithium Battery (48V-16Ah)

Madcat Fat E-bike spare battery pack.

16Ah Lithium-Ion battery mounts to the base and is locked into place with the included keys.

Batteries can be removed easily without disconnecting any wires to charge indoors or to switch to a fully charged battery for extended riding.


In simple terms, the larger the battery the farther you go, although less can be more. Majority of the electric bike batteries today are made up of multiple cells (elements) similar to the ones you find in the floor of a Tesla, the more cells the higher the Amperage 8,10,12,14,17 and so on.

The higher the (amperage) power the higher the outright cost becomes. Ultimately the cost of the battery could be as much as 50% of the complete e-bike.

Battery life depends largely on 2 things: type and quality of elements, day to day treatment and maintenance.

Let’s talk about the battery elements and cost. There are many no brand name batteries out there, but the elements are the key. Cheaper batteries using aftermarket elements will likely end up costing the same as an equivalent market leader.

We suggest avoiding the extra hassle and acquiring good quality lithium batteries to begin with. Our bikes are equipped with 12 amp Samsung batteries to ensure you have a minimum of 25 KM range, even in harsh hilly conditions which create a great deal of energy consumption.

Key features:

  • Lightweight 7.5 lbs
  • Lockable and removable with two included keys
  • High-Quality LG Cells
  • Built-in charge level indicator
  • Pack voltage: 48V
  • Total pack capacity: 16Ah

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